As a patient of Coastal Gastroenterology you can be assured of your confidentiality. For the purposes of accurate record keeping we are required to collect, store and keep up to date personal and medical data about you.

We would also prefer to send some of our communications with you via email or text message for convenience and environmental reasons. However, email is not considered secure by the Department of Health despite the alternative, Australia Post, not being secure either. We therefore need your consent for both of these.

We will never pass your email to other parties and will only use it for appointments, clinical information and clinical reminders when absolutely necessary.

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, published by the office of the Australian Information Commissioner, you have the right to view all data stored about you as well as have the right to request your data to be removed from our databases if you wish to do so.

Please complete and submit the Patient Information & Privacy Form to give your consent for us to communicate via email and text message.