Unit 75, Level 4, Wexford Medical Centre
3 Barry Marshall Parade, Murdoch, WA 6150
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  • We provide gap-free endoscopy services i.e. we charge your insurance company directly and you will not see a bill from Coastal Gastroenterology.
  • The hospital charges an admission fee for your procedure and depending on your health insurance policy you may need to pay a small gap fee to the hospital on the day of the procedure.
  • Your anaesthetist for your procedure will also generate a bill and may charge a gap if that is their normal policy.
  • If biopsies are taken then the laboratory processing the samples will also generate a bill.
  • If you are uninsured we charge the Australian Medical Association’s recommended rates.



In 1985 the government introduced the Medicare Benefits Scheme, which was designed to reimburse patients between 75 – 85% of the cost of medical services, depending on the service. Unfortunately over the years this reimbursement scheme has lagged significantly behind inflation (the Consumer Price Index) and the costs of providing services have increased at a greater rate than inflation. Consequently we have to charge a fee higher than the current Medicare rebate.

Following your consultation you will be charged the full fee for the consultation, which needs to be settled on the same day as your consultation. You will be able to reclaim some of the fee back from Medicare but there will be a gap between what you can claim back and the consultation fee. This gap will be between $40 – $120 depending on the length of your consultation and complexity of your problems. We have EFTPOS facilities that accept all major bank and credit cards except American Express. We also accept cash and cheques.

If you have any queries about our fees please do not hesitate to contact the rooms.